Kamis, 10 Maret 2011

Hello A.F.A.L :-)

Hello Almyrra! It's March 11th and world knows today's yours!
Hello Almyrra! It's been seventeen years of your life!
Hello Almyrra! So let's pray to Him, for every kindness and every grace you had!
Hello Almyrra! In Indonesia, when you're 17 years old it's mean you legally could have the citizens license, driving license, and even some says you are not KIDS anymore!
Hello Almyrra! Be grateful for everything. Be grateful for the kindest parents and brother and cousins you have. For the smartest brain you have. For the prosperous of your life. For the best folks you've ever had. And for the love you've ever felt!
Hello Almyrra! The last but not least... Be grateful for every mistakes you've done. Because of that, you're a perfect human with imperfection. :-)

Wish you ______________________________________________ (fill in the blank) and all the very berry drizzly best!

someone near your hometown, Audhina Nur Afifah <3

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